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Starting a New Thread (Discussion)

To start a new thread, go to the folder where you want to post, and click the “Post Thread” button at the top of the page.

IMPORTANT: Note that the “Post Thread” button at the top of the page creates a brand-new thread (discussion). If you want to reply to a message in an existing thread, use the “Reply” or “Quote” button immediately below that message instead (see “Joining a Discussion / Replying to a Message”).

The message editor page is displayed. You will see your username at the top. (DON'T click on the “Change User” link beside your name! It will log you out of the forum.)

You have 85 characters to specify a subject for your message. Pick a descriptive subject, but one not likely to be overused. For example, “Hi, I'm New!” or “Help!” will likely get people's attention, but will be difficult to find later. “Introducing Jenny” or “Help with POV” will make your message subject more unique.

Here are some general guidelines about posting a new message:

  • If you want to address your message to a specific person, simply type an @ sign followed by the person's username in double quotes. For example, @“Karen Henry” or @“Diana Gabaldon”.
  • Keep in mind that our forum is family-friendly. We ask that all profanity be avoided or “masked”. For example, sh!t, fnck, etc.
  • Please change font color and size only for occasional emphasis. Black text gives the greatest contrast and is easiest to read. The default font size is comfortable for most people. It's the content of your message that is important, not its appearance.
  • Note that the staff reserves the right to relocate a message to a different folder, or change the title of a thread (discussion), if deemed appropriate. Don't worry if you accidentally post a message in the wrong place! Just let a staff member know, and we'll be happy to move it for you.

You can save a post to finish later by clicking the “Save Draft” button at the bottom of the page. Saved drafts are stored in your User Control Panel.

When you're finished writing your message, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Post Thread” button.

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