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Clicking on the Search link at the top of the page will take you to the Advanced Search page, where you can enter specific search criteria.

  • You can choose to search the whole forum, or specific folder(s).
  • Type in one or more keywords.

If you want to search for posts from a particular person, just start typing his or her username into the “Search by Username” box. For example, to find posts by Diana Gabaldon, start typing “Diana”, and a list of suggested matches will pop up. Just select her name from the list.

It's not possible to search using a specific date range, but you can use the date options provided to narrow down your search quite a bit. For example, you can search for “posts from 3 months ago and older”, “posts from 1 week ago and newer”, etc.

You can choose to display the search results as threads, or as individual posts. If you are searching for all posts by a specific user, choose the “posts” option.

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