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When discussing newly-released books, movies, or TV shows, please put the word SPOILER and a minimum of 6-8 blank lines of “spoiler space” (more is always better) in your message before revealing important plot points, so that people will have a chance to stop reading before they stumble across something they don't want to know yet.

Spoiler Policy for Diana Gabaldon's Section

Diana frequently posts brief bits from her current writing on Facebook and Twitter under the tagline “#DailyLines”. She occasionally posts longer excerpts here on the forum. Please keep in mind that not everyone here reads the excerpts or wants to hear about them. In order to accommodate both the excerpt-lovers and the excerpt-avoiders in Diana Gabaldon's section of the forum, we have established some basic guidelines for dealing with spoilers:

When you are discussing an excerpt from an unpublished book or story, please make sure to include the word SPOILER and a minimum of 6-8 lines of “spoiler space” (more is always better) in your message, before the reference to the excerpt, so that those who avoid excerpts can have some advance warning. This applies even in threads already labeled “SPOILERS”.

You don't need to use “spoiler space” when discussing any of Diana Gabaldon's published books, except for brand-new releases. You can assume that most people in Diana's section have read all of the OUTLANDER and Lord John books. If you haven't yet read one or more of Diana Gabaldon's books, you will encounter spoilers for those books here! Read at your own risk.

New Releases: Whenever a new Diana Gabaldon book or story is published, we put special rules in place temporarily (for example, confining discussion of the new book to specific threads in Diana's section for the first few weeks) in order to give most people a chance to read the book. Look for an announcement in the Diana Gabaldon folder regarding specific spoiler guidelines for the latest release.

OUTLANDER TV Series: The spoiler policy for the OUTLANDER TV series is posted in the Diana Gabaldon folder. Each episode has its own thread, and there is a General Discussion thread for each season.

If you're not sure how to tell whether something is a spoiler or not, please err on the side of caution. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Henry.

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