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Reporting a Message

The “Report” button below a message is used for two purposes: to report spam, or to report a SERIOUS violation of the Forum Rules in a message to you.

If the issue you are reporting is something other than spam, please allow at least 24 hours after the possible violation for the staff to review posted messages and address any problem before using this function. Clicking on this button generates messages to all of the senior staff, and we don't want to inundate them with supposed rule violations. Overuse or misuse of this feature may result in you losing your privileges in the forum.

To report a post, click the Report button at the bottom-right of the post in question.

From the list of reasons, select the most appropriate one, or select Other and describe your reason in a few words. Finally click the “Report Post” button.

A forum staff member will then review the post and decide what action, if any, is required.

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