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Joining a Discussion / Replying to a Message

Here on, we like to keep discussions on each topic all in one thread. To reply to a message, simply click the “Reply” button below the message. (It may be labeled as “Quote” rather than “Reply”, if you're viewing the forum on a mobile device, but the function is the same.)

If you want to post a general message to everyone participating in the thread, click the “Post Reply” button at the top or bottom of the page.

You can save a post to finish later by clicking the “Save Draft” button at the bottom of the page. Saved drafts are stored in your User Control Panel.

When you're finished writing your message, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Post Reply” button.


IMPORTANT! When you reply to a post, we STRONGLY recommend quoting at least a little bit of the post you're replying to. (If you click on the "Reply" or "Quote" button below the message, the system will do that automatically.) This is the only way that the system can keep track of the post being replied to.

Quote back just enough to make your message clear. Please don't quote the entire message when you are replying to what someone else has said. Take a few moments to delete any unnecessary or irrelevant parts of the previous message before posting your reply.

Guidelines for Replying to a Message

  • Keep in mind that our forum is family-friendly. We ask that all profanity be avoided or “masked”. For example, sh!t, fnck, etc.
  • Please change font color and size only for occasional emphasis. Black text gives the greatest contrast and is easiest to read. The default font size is comfortable for most people. It's the content of your message that is important, not its appearance.
  • It's perfectly all right to revive an old discussion, as long as your comment is relevant.


If you wish to draw someone's attention to a particular message or thread, you can “tag” that person by typing @ followed by his or her username in double quotes. For example, @“Diana Gabaldon” or @“BethS”. You can tag multiple forum members in a single post using this method. The person(s) being tagged will get an alert with a link to this message.

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