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Linking to External Sites

Before you post a link to an external site, please read these guidelines!

  • Linking to Twitter posts is fine. (See the step-by-step instructions here.)
  • Linking to content on Facebook, Instagram, and other social-media sites is fine, as long as the pages are available to the general public.
  • Linking to published news articles or fan-sites containing information about the OUTLANDER TV series is fine.
  • Linking to photos or videos that Diana Gabaldon, or STARZ, or anyone connected with the OUTLANDER TV series, has made publicly available is fine.


  • Linking to content from a private source (for example, a closed Facebook group, or unpublished media photos) is NOT permitted.
  • If we can't tell where the photo or video came from, it's probably not OK to post the link here. If you're in doubt about whether or not a link is allowed, please ask a staff member.
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