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Forum Staff

Our staff members are all volunteers. Without them, we would not have this wonderful forum in which to gather.

Senior Staff

Margaret Campbell: Forum Manager (i.e., she's the boss!)

Lynne Perednia: Executive Sysop - aka: chief cook, moderator, ringleader and janitor. (i.e., she can take care of most problems you have, or point you in the right direction, if no one else knows.)

Wayne Sowry: Forum Administrator. If you need assistance with the forum software, Wayne should be able to help.

Karen Henry: Forum Administrator. Primarily responsible for managing Diana Gabaldon's section of the forum.


The following staff members are responsible for managing specific folders:

  • Forum Help: Jenny Graman
  • Files Library: Wayne Sowry
  • Forum Practice & Testing: Jenny Graman
  • Erotic Lit. (private folder): Margaret Campbell and Eve Ackerman
  • Literary Reading: Lynne Perednia
  • Genre Reading: Lynne Perednia
  • Young Adult & Children's Reading: Lynne Perednia
  • Diana Gabaldon: Diana Gabaldon and Karen Henry
  • Non-Fiction Reading: Lynne Perednia
  • Research & Craft: Diana Gabaldon and Beth Shope
  • Wrinting Biz: Beth Shope
  • Writing Exercises: Esme, Claire Gregory, Susan O., and Barbara Rogan
  • Journalism & Non-Fiction Writing: Lynne Perednia
  • Writers Workshop: Margaret Campbell and Wayne Sowry
  • Writers Workshop Library (private folder): Margaret Campbell and Wayne Sowry

Any folders not listed above are managed jointly by the entire forum staff.

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