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Forum Indices

To assist with finding older threads in a section, an index of all the threads in the section can be generated and displayed. This is done using the “Forum index” link near the top of the page while viewing the list of threads in the section.

The index lists all threads, initially in reverse date order, with the following information for each thread:

  • The thread subject (title), as a clickable link to the thread itself.
  • The number of messages in the thread.
  • Whether the thread is sticky or closed.
  • The username of the member who started the thread, as a clickable link to their profile.
  • A link for sending a PM (Private Message) to the member. Note though that the member may not have PMs enabled.
  • The date the thread was started, based on US West Coast time.
  • Up to the first 250 characters of the first message in the thread.

The list of threads can be sorted by different properties, using the buttons at the top of each column (except the message text column). Each click of the button alternates the sort order between ascending and descending.

The list can also be filtered using fairly flexible filter expressions. These are detailed in the filter help document.

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