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 ==== Finding Unread Messages ==== ==== Finding Unread Messages ====
-** PLEASE NOTE:** This section describes how to find all unread messages, whether they are addressed to you or notIf you want to see **unread messages to you**, look [[alerts|here]].+There are several different ways to find unread messages ​on the forumClick on the links below for details.
-When you are viewing the list of folders, a black circle to the left of the folder name indicates that there are unread messages in that folder. +    * [[Threads with Unread Messages]] 
- +    * [[Going Directly ​to the First Unread Message ​in a Thread]] 
-{{:​circles.jpg?​400|}} +    * [[Alerts|Alerts (Unread ​Messages ​to You)]]
- +
-Click on the folder name to see all of the threads (discussions). ​Threads with unread messages are marked with a small green arrow to the left of the thread title, as shown below. Clicking on the green arrow will take you to the first unread message ​in the thread. +
- +
-{{:​greenarrow.jpg?​250|}} +
- +
-Clicking on "​View ​Unread ​Posts" at the top of the page will display ALL threads with unread messages since the last time you visited. If this is your first visit, or it's been a while since your last visit, this can be a lot of messages! +
- +
-When you've read all of the new or updated threads that you're interested in, you can click the "Mark all threads read" link at the top of the page. (Don't worry. The older threads are still there if you decide ​to go back and view them later.)+
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