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 ==== Files Library ==== ==== Files Library ====
-The Literary Forum also has Files library. The Files library contains many documents, including this User's Manual and its illustrations, ​the Forum Rules, and files going back to the origins of our community in the 1980s - including interesting articles, archived ​discussions, and documents of research value. The Files library can be accessed from the list of folders on the main page of the forum.+The Files Library is folder for the storage of files not specifically associated with other discussions.
-Please do not reply directly to Files library ​entries. Any messages found in the Files library ​will be removed without comment or notification.+Please do not reply directly to Files Library ​entries. Any messages found in the Files Library ​will be removed without comment or notification.
-If you have any questions about the Files library, please contact ​Wayne Sowry (waynesowry),​ Forum Librarian.+Moderator/​Librarian: ​Wayne Sowry
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