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Editing a Message

If you make a mistake or decide later that you'd like to change something you've said, click the Edit button below the message.

You can edit your message in one of two ways:

  • Quick Edit - This option will open the message in the MyCode editor, without the formatting toolbar. It's useful if you just want to make a small change (to correct a typo, for example), but it might be harder to read your message this way.
  • Full Edit - This option will open the message in the normal message editor, including the formatting toolbar that allows you to add bold, italics, links, etc.

IMPORTANT! You can edit a message only for the FIRST 30 MINUTES after it was posted! The reason for this rule is to minimize the possibility that a message will be edited after someone has replied to it.

After that time:

  • You will no longer see an Edit button below the message.
  • The only way to edit the message is to ask a forum staff member for help. (See the list of our staff here). Please make these requests in public. Private requests will not be honored.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when you edit a message:


  • Feel free to fix typos, grammatical errors, and broken links.
  • Note in the space provided why the edit was made.


  • Make substantial or contextual changes once others have replied to your message.
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