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Last of the Profile Options is a panel that allows you to control how you view the forum, and how you receive notifications from the forum.

The most useful option in Edit Options section may be your ability to update your time zone. Find this in the Date and Time Options below.

  1. Privacy Hides you from view from the “Who's Online” list found in the Board Statistics Section at the bottom of the home page.
  2. Messaging and Notifications Controls under which circumstances you will receive e-mail and Private message notifications. For example, do you want to be notified through e-mail when you receive a private message?
  3. Date and Time Options Allows you to set your time zone, as well as your preferred date and time display formats.
  4. Forum Display Options A spot to control how you view the forum, including the Threads per Page and Default Thread View. Note that the Default Threads view might be useful if you prefer to see only the most recent postings when you login (e.g., Threads from the Last Day, or Threads from the Last 5 Days)
  5. Thread View Options Controls the display of various media within the threads you are viewing, including images, videos, signature lines, and avatars of other posters.
  6. Other Options Provides other display options, the most important of which might be the ability to display the forum in mobile format if you choose to access the forum from your mobile phone or other mobile device.
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