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 +==== Critique Café ====
 +The Critique Café is a place for reading and discussing shared work in an atmosphere of congenial, informal commentary. There are no critiquing requirements or quotas here. Comments are voluntary and should be offered in a spirit of helpfulness. Direct is fine; disparaging is not. Whoever posts work is also free to request a particular type or level of critique.
 +Feel free to post:
 +  * A short excerpt of something you wrote within the last seven days, to be posted in the monthly Wall of Shame & Glory thread and subject to the rules there.
 +  * A problem snippet or scene that needs other eyes on it, in a one-time-only critique situation.
 +  * A query letter or synopsis for an agent or publisher.
 +You can also start a thread here asking for beta reader volunteers or offering your services as a beta reader. ​
 +Moderator: Beth Shope
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