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Sharing a common lexicon is important in communicating within the Forum. Please review below a description of the hierarchy of our Literary Forum:

    The Forum encompasses our entire Literary Forum. All of its categories, sections, threads and messages. The forum can be accessed through the URL:
    Our forum is made up of several categories, or topic areas, including General, Reading Literature and Writing Literature.
    Our message board software sometimes refers to these as forums (and you may see it noted this way in your displays), but we prefer to reference these as Sections or Folders. The Sections/Folders make up the standard subject areas within a category. They help to group the discussions into similar subject areas. Each Category has it's own unique set of Sections/Folders.
    Threads are started by individual members, and represent the heart of our forums. These are the discussions that make our forum a lively, thriving place. Everyone is welcome to start a thread. The subject of the thread is determined by the original poster. We recommend you make your subject specific, and enticing!
    These are the responses to the threads posted by our members. Post often and keep the discussions going! All members are invited to contribute to all threads in any section.

View from the Home Page

A view showing Sections/Folders

A view showing threads

Threads can be sorted using the links at the top of each column (on the black background above the list of threads). “[asc]” means sorted in ascending order, and “[desc]” means sorted in descending order.

A view showing messages/posts

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