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Algonquin Round Table

From about 1919 to 1929, the Algonquin Hotel in New York was frequented by a group of New York writers, critics and wits who met daily at the hotel, deeply influencing the writing of the period. Here at the Literary Forum, the Algonquin Round Table section (the “Gonk”) is the place for general questions and comments about the forum. You can introduce yourself as a new member, ask how the forum works, let us know if our software is misbehaving, ask questions about commonly used software, or bring up other topics that don't seem to fit into any other section.

The “Gonk” is also a place to hang out and discuss topics that are not related to books or writing - personal events, general observations, interesting Web pages, pets, recipes, etc. - and have casual conversations about almost anything else you can think of.

Forum staff sometimes move off-topic messages from other sections into the Algonquin Round Table section. This is commonly referred to as “gonking” (or, when it happens to you, “being gonked”). Generally, no notification is posted about such a move, and there is no stigma associated with it.

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