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A Few Rules

Ad Hominem: Inevitably, discussions arise in which opinions are sharply divided and in which people feel particularly passionate. Debate is encouraged here. However, we limit debate to discussion or disagreement over the ideas presented. Direct attacks on other members (ad hominem attacks) are strictly forbidden. For example, it would be appropriate to say that “your information that the Three Little Pigs were actually members of the Mafia threatening the wolf's family is strictly tabloid rubbish.” However, it would not be appropriate to say “you are an idiot if you believe the tabloid rubbish about the pigs' Mafia involvement.” The first example is a debate over the information, while the second example shows a personal attack on the other poster.

Violators of our ad hominem (“ad hom”) rule will receive a warning and may find their message removed from the forum. Repeat violators will have their privileges revoked.

Profanity: Keep in mind that our forum is family-friendly. We ask that all profanity be avoided or “masked”. For example, sh!t, fnck, etc. If you use unmasked profanity, your message may be edited by a staff member.

To view our complete Forum Rules, click here.

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